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Meet your longarm quilter: Brandy Pettit

Hello quilting friends!  My name is Brandy, and I started quilting in 2012 when the strong urge to make a quilt for our king-sized bed overcame me.  My grandma suggested a beginner class and helped me pick out some fabric, while my aunt sent an extra machine and how to quilt book, and before the class even started, I was hooked!  Having always been interested in arts and crafts as well as math and drafting, I find that quilting suits the way my brain works perfectly.
I thoroughly enjoy working with many different people and seeing the fun, beautiful, and artistic pieces that are brought to me.  I am a strong believer that quilts are meant to be finished so they can be loved and used. I experience so much joy when someone brings a long-time unfinished quilt top and we work together to get it finished.
I love finding the perfect pattern to complement your piecing, be it an edge-to-edge design or an heirloom custom design.  The fact that there are so many options that will work with even one pattern is fascinating to me and I really enjoy exploring all the possibilities.

When I'm not quilting, you will likely find me in the kitchen baking or cooking something yummy for my husband John, who I love to spoil when I can.  We love to spend Sundays in the fall watching football with the family and enjoy challenging ourselves to make a different meal for every game day.
John and I recently started to play Dungeons & Dragons and have found the game to be a lot of fun and quite the stretch of our talents.  And now I collect beautiful dice along with the ever growing collection of quilting fabric!

I also have two wonderful cats, named Belle and Thomas (who are not located in the same building as my longarm by the way) and who demand much of my attention in the evenings.  They are huge fans of my quilting obsession and often join me in my sewing room at home and insist on regular inspections.

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