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We want your finished quilt to be as beautiful as possible!
Here is a list of best practices for preparing your quilt:

Press all seams in your top well, either to one side or open, and trim away loose threads.

Dark threads behind light fabric may cause shadowing after being quilted if not trimmed.


Ensure all seams and stitches are secure.  If you have biased edges or a pieced border, please stay-stitch 1/8" from the edge for added stability.


Please correct any wavy or ruffled borders as they will not lay flat after the quilting is complete.  Fullness or puckers cannot always be quilted out when they are pieced into the quilt top.  (If your quilt needs extra pressing or re-seaming before we can start,

it will be charged at $25/hr.)


Your backing needs to be 5" larger than the top on all sides of your quilt in order to load it properly on the machine.  If your quilt top is 45"x60", your backing needs to measure 55"x70".  Batting should measure at least 4" larger on all sides.

If your backing is seamed together, please remove the selvage edges before sewing your  seam and ensure the sides are straight after sewing.  When I piece a backing for myself, I prefer to use a half-inch seam allowance and then press the seams open to reduce bulk.

Please mark the front, top, and center of the quilt top, and the top and center of the backing with a piece of tape or a pin if applicable.  Do not baste your quilt.

If you have ideas of how you would like your top quilted please let me know!

A rough sketch or inspiration photo is very helpful.

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